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PXIT stands for Pixelstream Information Transfer. It is our patented file transfer technology that allows information to be sent and received over systems that were designed for delivering video; any system capable of displaying video can use a PXIT to transmit data.

Our mission

We are a technology company. We develop and license PXIT technology which uses video distribution networks to transfer data files.

About The Tech

Transferring information using video streams.

Visual Datacasting

Images seen on a screen can carry data, and deliver it to software that scans and extracts the information.

  • A smartphone app can immediately retrieve a website from a PXIT code
  • A PC with a webcam can download encyclopedias overnight

Video Cloaking

Invisibly to the naked eye, a video stream can carry data to multiple recipients. A decoder is employed to extract the hidden data, and recreate files that are transfered.

As a proof of conecpt we developed a method to embed data into mpeg video, without noticably changing the video.

"Train in the Rain" proof-of-concept

Public Safety App



Using our technologies we can inform the Public and First Responders by transmitting important information specifically to their user groups. Writing simple messages at a command station can be broadcast to the public, or other desired groups.Using visual datacasting, the correct information spreads virally by the public using PXIT codes on the App.

Easily Filter Information

  • Location by landmarks or GPS
  • Find shelters, first-aid, food and water
  • Public safety announcements



  • New broadband
  • Two-way
  • Voice
  • Faster


  • Existing TV Networks
  • One-way
  • Voicemail
  • Higher Capacity
VAB Presentation

Algorithm-generated Bandwidth

With PXIT the video streams already traveling across your network can be used to create new data communication channels.

PXIT can conserve significant Internet bandwidth by delivering copies of digital content to millions of people at once. Each time a viewer watches an episode received by PXIT and stored by the Platform they are saving the MSO from using Internet bandwidth to stream the episode. People can binge watch streaming video without bumping up against their service limits. This leads to new entertainment possibilities where viewers spend time with interactive media created specifically for PXIT and consumed without using any Internet bandwidth.

PXIT can be far more subtle - we call it Video Cloaking - that makes imperceptible modifications to the video. Viewers could watch a TV channel all day long and not realize it has been carrying hundreds of megabytes per hour.

"Train in the Rain" proof-of-concept

Different PXIT streams can be simultaneously broadcast on multiple video channels leveraging machine learning algorithms to decide which content should be delivered through Video Cloaking.

Internet traffic offloaded onto portion previously used exclusively for video.


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